Morning Wedding in the Grape Arbor

When Tim first called he asked if I could just sign their wedding license, they didn’t want a ceremony. When asked why they didn’t want a ceremony he said they did, but they just couldn’t do it all right now.  I told them the price was the same and I could guarantee them a very short simple ceremony but with meaning. I explained that for a marriage to be legal in Washington State it was required that they both had to state that they wanted to be married to the other person and a ceremony would be adding just a few more sentences and it would be more meaningful and special. And I was sure his bride would appreciate it,( girls are like that.)    So this young soldier arrived with his lovely bride Shreypov where they chose to be married on this sunny morning in the Grape Arbor before returning to work at Joint Base Lewis Mc Cord20170726_112417 The ceremony was very short and to the point, but I think they were happier with it than they would have been just signing papers.

Howard and Claudia

Howard and Claudia always said they would get married someday.  They had been saying that for 34 years.  Well the “someday” was finally here, a beautiful sunny day on the Port Orchard Marina dock. They said their vows and exchanged rings surrounded by their closest friends. This group have been boating buddies for many years. Best wishes!Howard and Claudia

Wedding Season is Under Way.

Late spring to early fall is the most popular times for weddings, although I have officiated at some lovely winter weddings. Because winter is the least popular time for weddings, it is the time I have chosen to travel to warmer climates. For the last several years my husband and I have been “snowbirding” or maybe I should say “rainbirding” to sunny Zihuatanejo Mexico for the winter. We find sunny and 86 a very agreeable winter temperature.  While I don’t perform any weddings during the winter months I can still answer your questions, reserve your special day or even send you some sample ceremonies, all by email. We can make all the arrangements necessary and then plan to meet in the early spring to finalize things.

Please don’t think you are “disturbing” my vacation, because I’m not on vacation, I’m   simply “living” in Mexico during your cold season and am more than happy to respond to your inquires.

Looking forward to being of service to you. Kathleen