I am taking reservations for 2019 weddings up to and including the  20th of October.  The winter seriously affect my yard and garden so it is needing a lot of work and isn’t as attractive as usual but you are still more than welcome to come to my home, my dock or garden for small intimate weddings. As always short notice is OK depending on my availability. So give me a call or message me or email me and we can discuss your plans for your day.  Kathleen

I’m having a little difficulty getting pictures posted here, but I am working on it.  Hope to have them up soon

The rain threatened, but never materialized

Amanda and Keven were married today on the shores of Long Lake in Port Orchard today with their close personal friends and family in attendence. While a few drops of rain fell prior to the ceremony, but it stopped as soon as it started. Wishing them much happiness in their life together.




I’m back from a great winter trip and ready to assist you with your wedding plans. I will be available  to perform ceremonies from April 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018.  The calendar gets quite busy as we get closer to summer so book early as possible.  If you are unsure of your location I can give you some helpful suggestions and of course for very small groups you are welcome to come to my home.

I’m soon to be leaving to spend the winter in Mexico. I’ve just had my second knee replaced and intend to relax and recuperate in a sunny warm climate. With the convenience of e-mail I am available to assist with your wedding reservations even while I’m out of town but I won’t be available to perform ceremonies until the end of March. So please e-mail me with with any questions or concerns and reservation requests. I will be happy to assist. For anyone interested in life in Mexico you can follow me at

July 29th a Great Day for Weddings

I think this date is perfect for weddings because it is my wedding anniversary.  I was happy to perform ceremonies for two couples that day.

Veronica and Rick opted to come to my home for a small, personal wedding. My camera didn’t work ( they don’t when you forget to charge the battery) so no picture of the lovely bride and her husband

Later on on this warm July afternoon on their lush property at Discovery Bay  Trish Johnson became Mrs Kevin Campbell surrounded by nature and a large group of family 20170729_150203and friends.  The groom and his son appropriately dressed in their Scottish heritage clothing.

Morning Wedding in the Grape Arbor

When Tim first called he asked if I could just sign their wedding license, they didn’t want a ceremony. When asked why they didn’t want a ceremony he said they did, but they just couldn’t do it all right now.  I told them the price was the same and I could guarantee them a very short simple ceremony but with meaning. I explained that for a marriage to be legal in Washington State it was required that they both had to state that they wanted to be married to the other person and a ceremony would be adding just a few more sentences and it would be more meaningful and special. And I was sure his bride would appreciate it,( girls are like that.)    So this young soldier arrived with his lovely bride Shreypov where they chose to be married on this sunny morning in the Grape Arbor before returning to work at Joint Base Lewis Mc Cord20170726_112417 The ceremony was very short and to the point, but I think they were happier with it than they would have been just signing papers.