I’m soon to be leaving to spend the winter in Mexico. I’ve just had my second knee replaced and intend to relax and recuperate in a sunny warm climate. With the convenience of e-mail I am available to assist with your wedding reservations even while I’m out of town but I won’t be available to perform ceremonies until the end of March. So please e-mail me with with any questions or concerns and reservation requests. I will be happy to assist. For anyone interested in life in Mexico you can follow me at www.zihuathyme.blog


Mr and Mrs Robert Thompson

  After being together for over twenty years they decided this would be a good time to become husband and wife, so in the site of God and nature Bob and Elizabeth united in a very personal ceremony.

John and Xian

John and Xian (Gin) were united in an evening ceremony in the Grape Arbor on July 26th. John translated the vows for Xian as Xian only speaks Chinese. I gave them a copy of the ceremony so later in private John could translate the entire ceremony to Xian.  

Howard and Claudia

Howard and Claudia always said they would get married someday.  They had been saying that for 34 years.  Well the "someday" was finally here, a beautiful sunny day on the Port Orchard Marina dock. They said their vows and exchanged rings surrounded by their closest friends. This group have been boating buddies for many years. … Continue reading Howard and Claudia

June Weddings

Mandy and Shawn tied the knot Saturday June 3rd with family and friends present at the  Long  Lake Pavilion in Port Orchard.  Jessica and Kyle opted for a backyard wedding on a lovely sunny June afternoon in also in Port Orchard.