I’m soon to be leaving to spend the winter in Mexico. I’ve just had my second knee replaced and intend to relax and recuperate in a sunny warm climate. With the convenience of e-mail I am available to assist with your wedding reservations even while I’m out of town but I won’t be available to perform ceremonies until the end of March. So please e-mail me with with any questions or concerns and reservation requests. I will be happy to assist. For anyone interested in life in Mexico you can follow me at www.zihuathyme.blog

July 29th a Great Day for Weddings

I think this date is perfect for weddings because it is my wedding anniversary.  I was happy to perform ceremonies for two couples that day. Veronica and Rick opted to come to my home for a small, personal wedding. My camera didn’t work ( they don’t when you forget to charge the battery) so noContinue reading “July 29th a Great Day for Weddings”